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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  May 8, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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field tomorrow. and they will wrap up mini-camp on sunday. here's jeff and karen with the late edition. >> a lot of prayers. >> mourning the loss of a local lacrosse star. tonight, the kedded killer's violent path and if college athletes should go through background checks. >> this has never been done before. >> conditiontaining that massive oil spill in the gulf of mex co-- mexico. when that containment box will be in place and the chance this it will work. >> a military exercise, just in time for mother's day. >> live in high dfg, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news late edition. >> hello again.
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>> yeardley love of cockeysville was found dead in her off-campus apartment at the university of virginia, earlier this week. >> today, loved ones gathered to remember the star student athlete. keith daniels is live in towson. keith, this is a tragedy all around? >> jeff, it is, at least one bus load of yeardley love's lacrosse teammates was here tonight. they walked in and out of the services, quietly, together, without talking publicly about their loss. now, hundreds today gathered here at the rucks funeral home including former students from the notre dame prep school for schools here in towson. yeardley love gralt graduated from there. she was killed early early monday. she was two. police have charged george huguely with the murder in the crime. he was yeardley love's former boyfriend. and friends tonight are reacting to the surprising allegations. >> i mean, she's like the perfect girl in every's eyes and
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to think that someone could do anything like that. obviously, we don't know exactly what happened. but it's hard to imagine. >> well, the funeral is tomorrow morning at 10:00. at the cathedral of mary our queen in north baltimore. we are live now in towson, keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition. >> all right, keith. there are reports that george huguely was driving the day of love's death. that's shining new light on college opportunities and alcohol use. 1700 students die each year from alcohol-remented injuries. in fact, the abuse has become so bad, some experts are calling it an epidemic. >> i am actually recommending to parents now in our program that they really think twice about sending their child awe to college and spending all that money because it seems to be just nothing but a drinking fest. >> almost 700,000 college students are assaulted each year
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by another student who has been drinking. >> since love's death, we have learned suspected killer george huguely had several brushes with the law in the past. the university of virginia will meet with the governor to discuss measures requiring police departments to report student arrests to colleges. university leaders are also calling for criminal background checks on student athletes that. brings us to our question of the day: should there be background checks on student athletes? 66% say yes and 37% say no. steve says why thesh yes, look at all the problems associated with college sports. but mary write, only if you you are going to do background checks on all students. the athletes should want be singled out. new information about an anti-violence program, funding for the safe streets program has been restored. last month federal prosecutors brought charges against 13 people believe understand to be associated with a baltimore
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guerrilla family, one of the city's deadliest gangs, two worked at the safe streets operation in west baltimore. today, a tosk force review said they couldn't determine that they were controlling the group, so they recommended to restore the funding. >> a bizarre arrest of five people. police were investigating another matter when they found five people, including two runaway teens leafing living in the woods. officers say they did a search and found a b-b gun, knives, combat training manuals and wilderness survival handbooks and they confiscated a school of ooh -- slew of drug, including cocaine, heroin and pcp. >> police park are out here, patrolling these area, troying to control this sorted of thing. that's what we are here to do, hopefully, we can continue to curtail it. >> police say they don't believe
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the group meant to do any harm. all five now face drug charges. >> billowing black smoke could be seen for miles after a throw-alarm fir in east baltimore. the fire on north collington avenue spread very quickly. seven families are without homes. many smelled the smoke and quickly scab escaped. >> oh, it was crazy, man. >> viseen the smoke, all the way down to the point. >> big mushroom cloud of smoke. like, boom! we got out, so, thank god no one got hurt. >> indeed. the red cross is assisting all the victims tonight. >> a baltimore man arrested 18 times in the past, went on trial for murder today. 30-year-old ermatthew evans is accused of killing a teen in north baltimore last year. if qikd, evans could face life behind bars. >> a big change is planned for downtown towson. 10 years ago, workers stood on the steps of a towson office building, propest testing --
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protesting the conditions inside. they blamed mold and fungus in the high rise for causing their sickness. today, county and state leaders announced a $twoafn million project to revitalize the building. the developer plans to replace the facade and all building systems and reuse existing structure. the governor says it will be a welcome change. >> this building has been a sick building in the center of towson for years and years and now thanks to the partnership with jim smith, the state of maryland and others, this is going to be become a vibrant city center. >> the project is expected to be completed in about a year and could bring 500 workers to downtown towson. >> another picture-perfect spring day. >> it was absolutely beautiful. but there are changes in store. for mother's day weekend, jessica has what we are hoping to hear is good news? >> yeah, yeah. today was a gorgeous day and then tomorrow, a little bits warmer for tomorrow and a slight
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chance of an isolated thunderstorm as a weak cold front will press thru. but right now, comfortable. 67 in baltimore, 68 in d.c., 71 in haigerstown and 78 in oakland. you can see showers and storms, strong storms moved through the ohio valet and this is associated with a cold front and they are moving in our direction, but they will break down over the mountains so we will see more clouds in the morning from the cold front and some really breezy conditions behind it and cooler, noticeably cooler conditions. 63, mostly cloudy and by noon, 73. but there is a slight chance of rainshowers and that system will push through in time for mother's day. i will have a complete look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> you need to know that bge wants to increase what it charges to you deliver power and gas. >> bge asked the public service commission for the increase today. it would add $twr a year to power bills and $40 a year to
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gas bills. since priss for electricity and gas are dropping, people are unlikely to notice the increase. it would be the first increase in the electricity delivery charge in 17 years. the increased charges will take effect in 2011, if approved. >> the times square scare. >> this has never been done before. this is an experiment on a gland kale. >> the prb progress being made
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oil giant b.p. is in the final stations of lowering a concrete dome over the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. we have more on the efforts to contain all of that oil. >> it's the equivalent of lowering a four-story building 5,000 feet deep and putting it on the head of a pin. that's how one official described it. but there is a lot of work to do once the structure is in place. >> over the next two days, over the weekend, we expect to connect that dome to the drillship enterprise, at which time, hopefully, the beginning of next week, we will begin to start to evacuate the oil from the sea bed, up to the surface.
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>> for the first time, we see the underwater robots trying to cap one of the two holes in the busted well that is spewing out crude. b.p. is using chemicals to break up the oil to try to prevent the slick from reaching the shore. the president of the national wildlife federation says hayare polluting the gulf and gambling with the environment. >> this has never been donees, there is an experiment on a grand scale. >> but b.p. has consulted noaa and other scientists and says it's better than the alternative. >> you would rather capture it in the water and fight that way. with dispersion, rather than have it come ashore. e >> in st. bernard's parish, many out-46-work fishermen say this may be worse than katrina. >> this took a lot of lives, but this is taking livelihoods that they have been doing since they were kids. >> katrina came and went. this is here and it may stay. >> b.p. will face more
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challenges when this is over, in court, as fishermen and business owners have filed lawsuits seeking damages that could reach into the billions. >> private companies create the most jobs since march of 2006. the economy added 290,000 jobs in april, 66,000 were temporary government job, but most jobs came from the private sector. despite this, the unemployment rate increased to 9.9%. experts say people on the sidelines began looking for work again. nearly half of all unemployed people have been out of work, six months or more, a record high. >> maryland is getting almost 1 $127 mill wherein in federal money because it expanded unemployment benefits. the state needs the money. maryland needed a loan from the federal government this year because the unemployment fund was so low. scheduled payments from businesses brought the fund up to 390 million.
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>> another scare in times scare today, over this. someone left a green fabric lunch bag unattended. it was left right in front of the marriott marquise hotel. there was a small green bag with some papers. in light of recent events, they closed off times square, brought in the bomb square, had the bag x-rayed and determined there was absolutely nothing dangerous in in. but for more than an hour, times square was entirely shut down. >> meantime, wall street brokers are still scratching their heads tonight, concerning yesterday's stock market plunge. the dow dropped nearly 1,000 points in a matter of minutes. the two top culprits are a typo by a broker, too many zeros or high-speed computerized trading. regulators and wall street officials are going through the record, trade by trade to figure it out. there are millions of trades, as
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we all know. looks like we will havic to a break from the real nice weather we have had. >> just a little break. >> yeah. >> just a little break i. minuscule. >> we have the forecast. >> hey, guys. yeah, it was a beautiful day today. we have a couple of clouds tomorrow, maybe an ice latted rainshower. pated degrees in the inner harbor and humidity 58%. temperatures in the region, fairly mild, 67 in baltimore, 63 in harrisburg, 79 still in pittsburgh and 81 in charleston. so we are clear overnight tonight of the a beautiful night's in store. but waking up tomorrow could be a little bit of a different story. you can see a line of showers and imbedded thunderstorms and the moisture is moving in our direction and tell break up a lot over the mountains. by the time it reaches baltimore and d.c., more or less clouds in the region and very breezy conditions and the winds had been pretty strong for today. right now out of the south at 60 miles per hour in d.c. and 13 in
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haigerstown and 12 in oakland and the winds will be blustery as the cold front inches close tort region and through the region. but our future scan, not picking up rainshower, but the chance will be there. the main concern will be blustery conditions and noticeably cooler temperatures as we go towards sunday, on mother's day, a high pressure system builds in with north westerly winds ahead of the high pressure system. so cooler, 20 degrease cooler for sunday. but for tomorrow, a pretty nice day. most of the day will be dry. we will have to throw the chance of a rainshower in there and a thunderstorm. 76 for the eastern shore. breezy and blustery tomorrow. central maryland, not a bad day. it will feel more muggy tomorrow, with the winds from the south-southwest, shifting to the northwest. downtown baltimore, tomorrow, beautiful day, 77. and breezy and again, just an isolated chance for a rainshower, the weekend is looking very nice. 77 on saturday. 63 on sunday and you can see a
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10 to 15-degree temperature drop behind that cold front. but sunny for mother's day. a beautiful day for mother's day and on monday, 65 does he grees and sun tow start the workweek and tuesday, clouds increase. most of the day will be dry on tuesday. but again, the clouds will be increasing and the rainshowers are moving in on tuesday and thunderstorms coming on wednesday with the instability increasing and the temperatures climb close to 80 degrees by wednesday. i'll have a sneak peek at the seven-diforecast coming up in a few minutes. >> an annual tradition is in full bloom in mt. vernon. it's the 2010 flowermart festival. thousands of bliewfl bouquets and plants are for sale and the popular lemon sticks, if karen didn't eat them all. >> very cultural because all the museums and theaters participate. it's a real celebration of baltimore. and it's amazing that this has gone on, typically for almost 100 years.
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>> they will be making more lemon stick, i suppose. >> i hope so. >> this is the 93rd year for the flowermart. the festivities continue tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> coming up on the late edition, we will show you how military wives get ready for mother's day. >> it's the first day of mini-camp and the baltimore ravens are already mixing things up. details on players changes positions, coming up next in sports.
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>> a busy gun range in a marine base would normally not be a big deal. buts when it's jane wayne day at camp pendleton. nearly 100 women, mostly military wives, took their best shot, prompting one participant to say -- >> i have a gun. they rode military transport vehicles and even hit the obstacle course. spring is in full swing, but
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someone forgot to tell mother nature. check out the pictures from billings, montana, where snow mixed with budding tulips. the temperature dropped to about 28 degrees, a new record low. after a pregnancy lasting almost 2 years, shante, the asian elephant in the asian zoo has delivered a baby boy calf, named baylor. the zoo's latest edition weighs 348 pounds and is shanti's third calf. both mop and baby are under 24-hour surveillance the next few weeks, as the calf adjusts to walking on all fours. >> today was the official start of ravens spring campus. like coming back from summer vacation, a few new faces.
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they have already started to switch things up a bit. last year's first-round draft pick, michael orr took every snap today at left tackle and derrick gaither playing right, different from last season. that switch-a-roo got the rumor mill rolling for jarrett gaither. >> i know it's a big story, to us, it's not a big story, you know? we are a football team. we put the best 11 gis out there. we are blessed with two quality, first-line offensive tackles that could play left or right. we are going to put them in there where we think we can get them as strong as they can possibly be. >> something the ravens wish they didn't have to deal with, injury concerns in the defensive back fe.d fabian washington and la darius webb went down last
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year with torn acls and ed reed is coming off a hip procedure. coach harbaugh is already getting tired of responding to inquiries about his players' health. >> do i have to answer injury question this is time of year? la darius and fabian are doing well, i would say they are ahead of schedule. with ed, we tried to push him along. this is ed's process, i think he understands his body better than anybody special he's been driving this. he decided to get the procedure now to get the best part of training camp that he can and be ready for the season. >> college, lacrosse, it's a big weekend, sunday night is the selection show for the ncaa tournament, held in baltimore this year. and for two local teams, their final game could determine their postseason fate. saturday afternoon is the annual charles street rivalry. hopkins versus loyola. a win for the greyhounds would put them one step closer to
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securing a spot in the tournament and for johns hopkins, they are 1 under 500 and could miss the tournament for the first tim in almost 40 years. both teams with a lot at stake. the orioles game against minnesota was rained out. they will play a day/night double header, tomorrow. >> we will be warm and muggy tomorrow for saturday. iville a final look at the forecast right after the break.
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>> when will we get more of today's perfect weather? >> let's keep it going. why stop it? why stop a good thing? we have the seven-day skywatch forecast. what do you thin >> we gorg increase it. it will be warmer tomorrow and nicer. if you want it a little bit warmer, a little bit muggier, tomorrow you are in luck, a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm with a weak cold front puring thru our region. but behind that cold front tleave breezy conditions later in the day for tomorrow and cooler for sunday, for mother's day. but mostly sunny skies on understand and monday to start the workweek and tuesday, mostly dry and clouds increasing throughout the day with another system pressing in to give us a chance of showers and storms on tuesday night into wednesday, a
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little bit warm or wednesday, close to 80 degrees and thursday and friday, we dry out and stay dry and sunny. that's a look at the forecast. back to you. >> all right. thanks. you can be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. our radar is available on our web site. use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to
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